Everyday beauty favorites

These are the products I swear by and always go back to whenever I try new products. They are beautiful to look at and gives my face that picture perfect face! I use these products everyday and they are a must have in your everyday makeup bag!
My everyday beauty must haves: 
Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation 5.75
This is the best foundation I've ever layed my hands on!! It's perfect for us who have a deep yellow undertone. It's very luminous and natural looking on the skin and you can easily build it up to get more coverage. I've tried so many foundations and I've never found a perfect match for my skintone until I tried this foundation. I have also very visible acne and with only two layers they are long gone visible! Just wait until the first layer sets into the skin before you apply the second layer when you want more coverage. I use a beautyblender to apply my foundation.
Laura Mercier translucent setting powder
I can not live without this powder! Despite the price, a little goes a long way! Last time I had this powder it lasted me for about 6-7 months. I personally prefer translucent setting powder over pressed powder though I feel like it doesn't cake up my face and look to powdery. I love the finish of this poder, it almost has this smoothing effect. It gives your skin that baby-face look for sure! It also sets your makeup so it lasts all day.
Laura Mercier bronzing powder 03
This bronzer is so beautiful and it's actually really pigmented for a high end product. It's very versitile cuz you can really pack the brush with product and have super bronzed cheeks or if you just want a little bit for a more everyday natural sunburn. The color is more a natural sunburn than most of the bronzers out there. It has more of a red undertone, not yellow or green like for exaple Nars laguna bronzer or Anastasia glow kit. It also has a very settle sheen to it.
Laura Mercier highlight 'Addiction'
This product is so beautiful! It gives a golden, almost metallic, glow on the cheeks and I use it for every accation! Same with this product, you can build it up if you want a more in your face glow. I also use this in the inner corner of the eyes and on the browbone. It's also a gorgeous metallic gold when you wet your brush and use it on the lids!
Lancome mascara
My favorite everyday mascara! It separete the lashes, gives a little volume, but not too much and it's not too black. After I curl my lashes they tend to fall right back down whenever I put on mascara. It's only a few ones that have worked for me. This one from Lancome and Too faced better than sex mascara are my faves! If you want to use this mascara for a party look when you want darker eyes you can easily just build it up with another layer to intensify the black.
LÓreal lipstick 378
I looooove loreal lipsticks! The formula is very moisturizing and the colors are beautiful as well. Pigmented but very natual! The packaging is also very photo friendly ;)
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